Microbial Organic Fertilizer

The Microbial Organic Fertilizer with Microbes ofCo-Cultivation of Trichoderma –Bacillus  and Organic matter From Fermentation Residue Containing Natural PGR.




Increase yield, strong stress resistance and disease control, promote root growth:

For the co-cultured fermentation of Trichoderma- Bacillus, it produced 76 unique secondary metabolites, including antagonistic material, amino acid, organic acid and plant growth substance which have specific biocontrol, growth promotion and stress resistance etc. The derived bio-stimulants, which can effectively regulate the balance of reproductive and nutritional growth of crops, improve the photosynthesis of leaves, increase yield and improve quality.

Soil improvement:

Increase fertilizer utilization rate, granulate the soil and increase soil permeability, increase the beneficial microorganisms in the soil, produce plant growth material.decompose heavy metals & pesticides’residues.

Long efficacy, increase yield of melons & vegetables:

With rich amino acid, humic acid, NPK etc., significantly improve the yield of melon and vegetable.




Keeping away 5-10cm from the seedlings to avoid burning seedlings.

For dry land crops in high temperature season, the dosage should be reduced appropriately to prevent seedling burning.

Shelf life:

Two years,stored in a ventilation, shade, dry place.


40kg PP Woven Bag or 1 ton package, or customized packaging.